The board of directors of Play Communications S.A. (the “Company”) hereby reports that based on the agreement between P4 Sp. z o.o. (“Play”) and Powszechna Agencja Informacyjna S.A. (“PAGI”) dated 30 December 2017 and the decision received from the President of the Office of Electronic Communications (“UKE President decision”) on 5 April 2018, no. DZC.WAP.514.1.2018.10, concerning the change of entity which was granted with a frequency reservation in the range of four duplex radio channels, each has a width of 3.5 MHz, no 25, 26, 27, 28, in the range of 3600-3800 MHz, in the region 14.3 covering areas in Masovian voivodeship[1], the UKE President Decision became effective on end of business day 19 April 2018 in line with the terms of the mentioned agreement between Play and PAGI. Pursuant to the UKE President decision, the disposition of blocks  2 x 14 MHz is transferred from PAGI to Play.

The effort will be expended to make available the spectrum volume in the order to (i) maximise available volume and utility for AirFibre  using 4G technology; and to (ii) maximise the future spectrum capacity for 5G technology. The Company is pleased to add this spectrum to already strong spectrum portfolio.

As our CEO Jorgen Bang-Jensen said:

„At PLAY we are committed to further strengthen our wireless platform. Through acquisition of PAGI 3.7GHz spectrum we are enriching our radio network capabilities and leadership in order to better commercialize AirFibre wireless-to-the-home offer and move a step closer to 5G eco-system for mobile services and vertically integrated business lines. We are pleased to add this spectrum to recently added 3700 MHz for 28 MHz of TDD continuous spectrum. The PAGI 3.7GHz spectrum will allow us partially to cover the most attractive region in Poland – Masovian voivodship – which generates 22% of Gross Domestic Product of Poland and is inhabited by 14% of population. Play is satisfied to add this prospective spectrum to already strong spectrum portfolio.”

[1] community Glinojeck, Gołymin-Ośrodek, Ojrzeń, Sońsk in the district ciechanowskim; community Baranów, Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Jaktorów, Żabia Wola, cities Milanówek, Podkowa Leśna in the district grodziskim; community Jabłonna, Nieporęt, Serock, Wieliszew, city Legionowa in the district legionowskim; community Czosnów, Leoncin, Nasielsk, Pomiechówek, Zakroczym, city Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki in the district nowodworskim; community Karczew, Sobienie-Jeziory, Wiązowna, city Józefów, Otwock in the district otwockim; community Góra Kalwaria, Konstancin-Jeziorna, Lesznowola, Piaseczno, Prażmów, Tarczyn in the district piaseczyńskim; community Baboszewo, Czerwińsk nad Wisłą, Dzierzążnia, Joniec, Naruszewo, Nowe Miasto, Płońsk, Sochocin, Załuski, city Płońsk in the district płońskim; community Brwinów, Michałowice, Nadarzyn, Raszyn, city Piastów, Pruszków in the district pruszkowskim; community Teresin in the district sochaczewskim; community Błonie, Izabelin, Kampinos, Leszno, Łomianki, Ożarów Mazowiecki, Stare Babice in the district warszawskim zachodnim; community Dąbrówka, Jadów, Klembów, Poświętne, Radzymin, Strachówka, Tłuszcz, Wołomin, city Kobyłka, Marki, Ząbki, Zielonka in the district wołomińskim; community Somianka, Wyszków, Zabrodzie in the district wyszkowskim; community Mszczonów, Puszcza Mariańska, Radziejowice, Wiskitki, city Żyrardów in the district żyrardowskim; capita city Warszawa in Masovian voivodeship